Views and Photographs

Photograph of waterside units with view of the St. Lawrence River. Photograph from a deck of typical individual unit of the view to the Old Port and Montreal City beyond. Aerial view of entire Habitat complex, located on Mackay Pier site.
View to St. Lawrence River. View of Old Port and Dowtown. Aerial photograph.
Aerial photograph of the south elevation of the entire Habitat complex with view of Montreal city beyond. Construction photograph of a pre-cast concrete modular box being lifted into place by a crane. Photograph of model.
Aerial Photograph. Construction Photograph. Photograph of Model.
Photograph of the living area of a typical unit. Photograph of the open plan living/dining area of a typical unit. Photograph of the master bedroom of a typical unit.
Interior Photograph. Interior Photograph. Interior Photograph.
Photograph of the study area of a typical unit. Site model. Model of entire Habitat complex.
Interior Photograph. Site Model. Model.
Photograph of the deck of a unit being installed. Habitat '67. Photograph of stacked modules of multiple dwellings which interconnect to form the whole complex.
Construction Photograph. Habitat '67. Photograph of Stacked Modules.

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