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Remembering the early days of Habitat, this resident reminisces the time when a limousine provided Habitat's first residents with transportation to the city. Today, residents exchange pleasantries on the private bus which shuttles Habitat and Tropiques Nord residents and employees to Montreal's downtown core. Subsidized by the residents' monthly maintenance fees, this bus provides regular daily service, dropping passengers off as far north as President Kennedy and McGill College.

Having lived an entire generation at Habitat, this resident has weathered the growing pains of the building. She remembers when there was only a handful of people living in the complex, shortly after Expo '67 ended. She also watched the tide turn, especially after the residents' association purchased Habitat in 1986, spurring an increase in demand for Habitat lodgings. In-coming residents collected units, connecting and transforming them into the spaces they've become today. In addition to the architect's, this resident's home is one of the rare cases where the original modular form has remained intact.

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         Second floor hallway
Memories of Habitat