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One of the things this resident enjoys most about her two-level, two-module home is its particular placement within the Habitat complex itself: like few other units, hers boasts views of both the cityscape and the river, combining the best of both worlds. “I came only for the view,” she said in conversation with visiting McGill School of Architecture graduates. “I had lived in New York, and I liked the lights. Some people may say that they are much happier on the other side of Habitat where they don’t have a view of the city. Everybody’s different: I like the skyline.”

           Downtown Montreal
A seasoned veteran of Habitat, she is also a regular observer of ships arriving in Montreal. The view from her bedroom window puts her in constant touch with the port’s activities. She need only cross the hallway on her second floor for a view in the opposite direction toward the Concord Bridge spanning the St. Lawrence River.

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