Summer in Habitat

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The highlight of every summer is the International Fireworks competition. Tenants, accompanied by friends, emerge out of their chrysalis , wine glass in hand, aiming for the 10th floor. Visiting children view the elevator buttons and complain that there are floors missing in Habitat. It's a question of where you enter, I explain. Adults usually notice nothing. Someone always totes a radio along, with the music oddly out of synch with the brilliant plumage hurtling across the sky towards us. Small sailboats are huddling under the Concorde Bridge, jockeying for the best view from below. Dozens of Italian architects, American tourists, Casino stray-aways and local Sunday photographers appear on weekends, looking for an angle. They crane their necks to capture the mountain and the river, the rabbit ears of the Notre Dame basilica, the Stock Exchange Tower and, in the distance, the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Copyright © (2001) Canadian Architecture Collection, McGill University