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This image shows Mr. Safdie's system of cantilevered boxes at their best. The architect's own residence occupies a precarious position over the tenth floor's covered walkway. Mr. Safdie’s is one of only a few residences constructed on this level. Looking back from the living room terrace toward the residence, one can see the second floor alcove area and window.

       View of residence from the
       10th-floor public terrace
view the 3-d model and photographs view the 3-d model and photographs

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       View of downtown from the
       12th-floor bedroom terrace
       View of residence from the
       11th-floor living room terrace
Another terrace on the residence’s second floor is extra large by Habitat standards. It provides access to both the residence’s master bedroom and its second bedroom, with stunning views towards Montreal’s downtown area. These terraces are testament to the fact that Habitat’s outdoor spaces are equally vital components of the complex, offering incomparable views and visual connections to the city.