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Perhaps one of the first things a visitor to this residence will appreciate is the complete spatial fluidity that its owners have achieved, by eliminating most internal partitions and doors throughout the four units which make up this home. Spanning three levels, the residence nevertheless maintains distinct living/dining, work and sleeping spaces on its consecutive floors.


             Master bedroom

             Master bedroom
view the 3-d model and photographs view the 3-d model and photographs view the 3-d model and photographs

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Changing everything from the residence’s glass windows to the position of an internal staircase, installing raised movable decks on the residence’s terraces and two skylights, the residents conducted extensive renovations to their home, though not without lengthy bureaucratic reviews before approval. Creating a partition-free living environment, one that harmonizes indoor and outdoor spaces, was their first objective: the box aesthetic which so clearly characterizes the exterior of Habitat is curiously absent in this loft-like space.

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