Archive Photographs - STAGE 2

Within Habitat's building budget of 13.5 million dollars, a precast concrete factory was erected on the site in order to cast the modular boxes, along with other building components, such as pedestrian streets, elevator cores, and access stairs. Simultaneously, additional pre-fabricated components were manufactured off-site, such as fibreglass bathroom units and pre-assembled kitchens. These components were delivered to the site and installed in the prefabricated modules, before being hoisted into place by crane.

Once in place, boxes were connected to each other by post-tensioning, rods, cables, and welding. The boxes, pedestrian streets, and elevator stair towers formed the three structural elements of the building. They were connected together to form a continuous, integrated three dimensional structure, all participating as load-carrying members.

Boxes were raised up to a platform on the crane to assemble higher levels of the structure. Forefround shows the
Boxes were raised up to a platform on the crane to assemble higher levels of the structure.
 Some of the the lower level  boxes are supported by columns.
South large cluster. Assembly of boxes upto fourth level.
South cluster
South large cluster being assembled. On the right is the middle large cluster starting assembly.
South and middle cluster
Arial view of South large cluster being assembled. The walkways of the 5th floor and the 10th floor have begun assembly
South end cluster
Middle cluster. Walkways and boxes being assembled independent of each other. In front in the slab of the small cluster being cast
Middle cluster
South end cluster being assembled. Middle cluster can be seen on the right.
South cluster
Walkway being assembled. The top surface formed the walkway while the interior box formed the mechanical street.
walkway being assembled
walkway being assembled
Elevator shafts anchor the middle piece of the walkways down. The middle part recieves the two arms on either side.
Elevator Shaft and Walkway
vertical conduits along the boxes and walkways carry service lines to individual units
Vertical Conduit
Emergency stairs being assembled. The individual elements are held together by post tension cables.
Emergency Stair
Elevator shafts being assembled.
Elevator Shaft
Semi private bus service between Habitat and Downtown Montreal. Here the bus can be seen on the internal road of Habitat'67
Bus Service
The large expansion joints between the middle piece of the walkway, which is anchored down by the segments of the elevator shafts, and the arm of the walkway.
Walkway Joint
Black conduit containing service lines to individual residences
Service Conduit

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