Superconducting Super Collider
Project Title
Superconducting Super Collider
The Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory project involved a developmental study to examine alternative planning strategies for the location of the main research campus and associated facilities for one of the world's most ambitious scientific projects. Moshe Safdie and Associates were responsible for the development of facility design guidelines, campus development guidelines, and a conceptual campus plan. Both the campus plan and the facility design guidelines sought to integrate the facilities into the distinctive prairie landscape of the site.

Images on this page: 1 Aerial view of model; 2 Site plan; 3 Concept sketch; 4 Interior rendering sketch; 5 Concept sketches

Waxahachie, Texas, United States of America

between 1992 and 1993
Completion Date
Client: U. S. Department of Energy, Universities Research Association, Inc., and Superconducting Super Collider Lab;

Size: 9,300 sq m (1,000,000 sq ft)

Project Type
Safdie Architects
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