Philadelphia Holocaust Education Center
Project Title
Philadelphia Holocaust Education Center
Alternate Titles
Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial
The precious site, a small triangular park containing the Holocaust Monument by Nathan Rappaport, calls for a subtle yet powerful structure. Bound by massive towers and other historic buildings, the structure, deploying glass and reflective material, all but disappears, reflecting its surroundings, the urban activities around it, and the trees that contain it. During the day there is almost a sense of immateriality. At night, the lights reflect within, reflecting the lights of the city.

Upon entering the structure, all is transformed. There are two public levels: one at street level, and one below street level. The two-level hexagonal volume, clad with reflective metal at the center of the space, contains a contemplative space above and a presentation theatre below. Galleries surround the hexagon at the lower level beneath the sidewalks. The entire structure above ground, except for the hexagon, is entirely glass, generously shaded by the surrounding towers and trees. At night, the building glows subtly, drawing the public's attention into its interior.

Images on this page: 1 Axonometric model view; 2 Interior rendering; 3 Exterior rendering; 4 Interior rendering at dusk

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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Safdie Architects
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