Park Heights Urban Renewal Project
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Park Heights Urban Renewal Project
The Park Heights project involved planning for the revitalization and rehabilitation of a deteriorated two square mile community in northwest Baltimore, inhabited by 46,000 people. During the period from 1960 to 1970, the population in the community had dramatically increased by 24%, and associated changes in demographics created a strain on the infrastructure. For the first time in an urban renewal project in Baltimore, recommendations for the social ills of the community were examined such as employment, health and social services, education, recreation, and crime prevention. Additional issues considered were the assessment of housing possibilities (demolition, rehabilitation, and/or new construction), the reorganization of the retail center, and the analysis of rapid rail transit potentials.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

between 1973 and 1975
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Client: Department of Housing and Community Development

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Safdie Architects
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