National Museum of Man
Project Title
National Museum of Man
Alternate Titles
Canadian Museum of Civilization
The Canada Museum Construction Corporation sponsored a competition for a museum of Canadian history that would provide a landmark for the City of Hull in counterpoint to Ottawa's Parliament Hill. Several schemes were sketched out by Safdie before he settled on the "Triangular Scheme" for further development. The museum was positioned along the river's edge so as to appear as if it rose out of the water. The four-storey building was organized around a triangular Great Hall and flanked by galleries that extended to the river's edge. The Great Hall was designed to appear as a forest of columns supporting a glass roof, in which totem poles were to be exhibited, enhanced by light and shadows changing with the seasons.

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Hull, Quebec, United States of America

between 1982 and 1983
Completion Date
Competition: Won

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Safdie Architects
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