Mexico Library
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Mexico Library
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Library of Mexico Competition
The "Biblioteca" will be the central facility of the National Network of Public Libraries, a system of almost 6,500 libraries throughout the country. It will be located in Mexico City, and ultimately house more than 2 million volumes of the world's greatest reading material. At the same time, the library will employ the latest technology to connect citizens of Mexico, their public libraries, and their rich cultural heritage with the other great libraries of the world. This will be a facility everyone can share and enjoy, a place to encourage literacy, cultural interaction, and personal growth. Mexico has one of the world's greatest architectural patrimonies, and the new "Biblioteca" must contribute to that heritage. Moshe Safdie and Associates were short listed in the competition to design the Library of Mexico, which was held in June 2003.

Images on this page: 1 Interior concept sketch; 2 Interior rendering sketch

Mexico City, Mexico

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Client: Government of Mexico

Competition: Lost

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