I M A G E S:
R.A.E. Greenshields House([1895-98])
3465 Simpson Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
Residential, Urban house [detached, basement, 3 floors, attic, 4 bedrooms]; brick and stone; wall bearing

Client: R.A.E. Greenshields
Architect: E. Maxwell

Description: Mr. Greenshields, who served as judge for the Superior Court was born in February 2, 1861 at Danville, Quebec. He received his primary education at the Danville Academy and later at McGill University. He married Ms. Maude Adelaide Gooderham from Toronto in 1890. He was an active member of various clubs, which included Saint-James and Saint-George’s Anglican. In 1895, Mr. Greenshields assigned Edward Maxwell to design his house on Simpson Street in Montreal. Contrary to the other residential plans of Edward Maxwell, the house maintains a separate circulation axis, which runs along the length of the building without interfering with the functional spaces of the house. The entrance arched doorway is offset from the main façade and is located at the corner leads to the hall, which gives access to the dining room, kitchen, and drawing room. The stairs in the hall leads to the upper two floors where the bedrooms are located. The building façade is enhanced by the bay window opening in the drawing room, running up to the second floor level where it becomes a gallery space. This space is protected by decorated Gothic balustrades on the hipped roof terminating with the raised gable wall at one end. All the windows on the façade are ornamented with elegant keystones at the top. This project gave Edward the opportunity to plan another house for Mr. Alex Patterson (549) next to Mr. Greenshields’ house in Simpson Street. The house of Mr. Greenshields is registered under his wife Maude Adelaide Gooderham in all legal records. In 1970s the house was renovated to create eight apartment units.

Holdings: Urban house (detached, basement, 3 floors, attic, 4 bedrooms); brick and stone; wall bearing
22 Drawings: 18 ink on linen; 2 ink on paper; 2 pencil on paper
1 Presentation drawing: floor plan
6 Development drawings: floor plans, attic floor plan, elevations, section
12 Working drawings: floor plans, attic floor plan, roof plan, elevations, section, structure
3 Detail drawings: dormers, bay, furniture
1 File folder: correspondence
Comment: McGill University Archives has watercolour study for Greenshields House.

Comments: McGill University Archives has watercolour study for Greenshields House.

I M A G E S:  Drawings  
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