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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for granting the permission to reproduce the essays that first appeared in the catalogue of the exhibition The Architecture of Edward and W.S. Maxwell (1991); and to John Bland, Henry B. Yates, Ellen James, Rosalind M. Pepall, Robert Sweeny, Irena Murray, Jeanne M. Wolfe, Peter Jacobs, Susan Wagg, France Gagnon Pratte and Hugh Locke as authors of the original texts.
Henry B. Yates, grandson of Edward Maxwell, for sharing his personal recollections
France Gagnon Pratte, for granting the permission to reproduce the cover of her books Country Houses for Montrealers, 1892-1924: the Architecture of E. and W.S. Maxwell (1987) and Le Château Frontenac : cent ans de vie de château (1996).
Brian Merrett, for granting the permission to reproduce the cover of his book Demeures bourgeoises de Montréal : le mille carré doré, 1850-1930 (1986).
Judith Nefsky, Corporate Archivist, Canadian Pacific Archives
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