Al Falah School(1983)

Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Al Falah Trust



The Al Falah Trust, in Makkah, commissioned a limited design competition for a boys' private school to accommodate 1 000 male students. The three main academic components - an elementary, secondary, and high school - were complemented by a 1 000-seat auditorium with backstage areas, a gymnasium and swimming pool complex, a central administration unit, a mosque, ancillary play fields, and parking. In addition to the 19 500 m2 school, the project also included a 10 400 m2 commercial and residential development located along the major road that formed the site boundary on the north. Small domes or cupolas were used to give emphasis to a number of major elements of the complex including the entrances to each of the main buildings.


Comment: Winning entry, unbuilt