King Abdulaziz University(1980)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Doctor Naseef, President of King Abdulaziz University



The King Abdulaziz University interspersed academic cilities with residential compounds in a layout respecting traditional settlement patterns. The men's campus is separate from the women's campus on a 260 hectare site, the continuation of the Jeddah Coastal Plain, 6 km east of Jeddah's downtown core. The university was designed to accommodate 17 000 students, 2 000 faculty, and 5 800 support staff. In addition to the academic facilities, the university has a mosque, a museum, an aquarium, an auditorium, and botanical gardens as cultural amenities to enrich the city. A central open space spine connects the east and the west sides of the entrance area through a linear system of landscaped and building-enclosed courtyards.

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