Al Kharj Royal Saudi Air Force Complex(1980-83)

Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Defense and Aviation,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Governmental, Educational, Religious
Academic Facilities, University, Mosque


The Al Kharj RSAF Complex provides 52.3 hectares facilities for the King Faisal Air Force Academy and Tactical Airlift squadrons that were stationed at Riyadh airport. Common academic facilities, designed for 1 500 students and 300 faculty, are clustered on the central uppermost plaza under the shading structures of the water towers. The residential blocks are oriented toward the richly landscaped side courts. The King Faisal Air Force Academy itself is a stepped pyramid, a form that is economical for the desert and accommodates a village density. The three colleges, along with their supporting religious, command, housing, recreational, athletic and support services, are contained in one large multi-levelled structure.

Project Breakdown

Drawings: 411
Presentation Boards: 23
Reports: 27
Comment: The Technical University was not executed; the design documentation was completed