Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interim Headquarters(1978-80)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Interim Headquarters was designed to increase the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs space (12,000 m2) in Jeddah, prior to the Ministry’s relocation to the capital, Riyadh. The Jeddah master plan study recommended the refurbishing of the existing headquarters, to preserve its historical and cultural value, and the continued use of the site to serve as the Jeddah Branch of the Ministry after the planned move to Riyadh. The Interim Headquarters consists of a two-storey office block sitting on a solid base, which emerges out of the sloping site. The upper part of the glazed ‘box’ is surrounded with wood lattice screens, which simultaneously provide solar shading, hide unsightly mechanical equipment, and establish a visual relationship to the residential buildings of old Jeddah.

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