Wilson Hall (formerly Wesleyan Theological College)
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Wilson Hall -- McGill Archives

The Wesleyan Theological College was built on the northwest corner of University and Milton Streets in 1913-14 by the firm Ross and Macdonald, replacing an earlier building dating from 1866. Its purpose was to house the students of the College and provide classroom space for them. The College, renamed the United Theological College in 1929, was one of many theological schools once associated with McGill. In 1945, the United Theological College sold its building to McGill for one dollar and the building was renamed Wilson Hall after Morris Wilson, once a chancellor of the University. At this time, just after World War II, McGill required significantly more residence space and Wilson Hall was suited to this purpose. In 1962, this gabled, brick structure was transformed into the Schools of Nursing and Social Work and still serves this function today.

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Wilson Hall -- McGill Archives
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Built 1914
Architects - Ross and Macdonald
Donor - United Theological College
Current use - Schools of Nursing and Social Work

Wilson Hall (1958)
-- McGill Archives

Wilson Hall & McConnell Engineering
-- McGill Archives

View from campus
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View from University
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