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Capital: Edmonton
Entered Confederation: 1905

Alberta is situated between the Rocky Mountains and the plains of Saskatchewan. The province has prospered from its abundance of natural resources. Soft wood forests in the northern half of the province and large clay deposits in the south make wood and red brick common building materials for many residential, religious, and commercial structures throughout Alberta.

The earliest non-native settlement to the area came with the establishment of fur trading posts by companies based in eastern Canada. French missionaries and religious orders such as the Soeurs Grises de Montréal established many of the earliest hospitals, schools, and churches in the area. The discovery of gold in the Yukon in the late 1800s lead to what was to be the first of many building booms experienced by the province. With the discovery of oil in the Turner Valley in the mid-1900s another period of economic prosperity growth was underway. The architecture of the province reflects the boom periods experienced by the area.