Prince Edward Island

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Capital: Charlottetown
Entered Confederation: 1873

Prince Edward Island is one of the four Maritime provinces. It is the smallest province in Canada but has had a long and varied architectural history. Located on the east coast of Canada in the Gulf of the St-Lawrence, PEI was the fishing grounds for the Micmac Indians before Europeans arrived.

The French were the first to attempt to establish a permanent settlement on the island. These settlers became known as Acadians. They built houses using methods based on medieval French building techniques. One example was called colombage bousillé. In time, British and Irish settlers built their houses using the same materials, preferring to build walls using logs laid horizontally one on top of the other. The logs were notched at the ends to fit neatly together, the space between them was filled with moss, and the roof was covered with bark.

Many of the civic and religious buildings in the province reflect a strong attachment to Britain. With a bridge connection between PEI and the mainland projected for the new future the unique character of the province's architecture may soon be altered forever.

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